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Our Moody Collection

Welcome to our store! We've designed and remodeled homes for 15 years and we take our decor items seriously so we want to pass our treasures along to you. Browse our collection and make your home uniquely yours!

I could not ask for a better designer, planner, budgeter, etc. Brittany gave us numerous ideas for remodeling our basement. We decided on a concept and she went with it. She is an amazing worker that will get the job finished in a tight schedule and within your budget. 

Hilary Kuehn, Overland Park, KS

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Shop the Room

Our Fave Bohemian Collection

If the words Boho or Garage Sale Chic resonate with you, then you are in the right place. The project photographs above are from a Condo Remodel we completed for a Doctor who spent most of her life working in the hospital and wanted to come home to a perfectly designed interior chalked full of bold colors and depths of patterns and textures.

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