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About Us


We have been blessed with the opportunity to renovate the two remaining farmhouses at Longview Farm "The Most Beautiful Farm in the World". Saying this is a dream come true would be an understatement. We have no shortage of obstacles to overcome and hundreds of intricate design details to replicate while bringing the houses to modern day function and use.

Farm Office, Garage with Landscaping.jpg

Our Historic Renovation Process

The History

Let's start with the story...his story, as in Robert Long. The man with long vision who dreamed up a farm so majestic that it would be deemed "The Most Beautiful Farm in the World".....More to come.


Leave your info below to get the latest updates on the Longivew Farm House renovations. We're creating a YouTube channel just to keep you up to date on these amazing homes built by Robert Long in 1914. We'll walk you through our challenges, our new designs for these historic homes as well as our finished products!

Overall Landscaped Site Plan with Proposed Garage.jpg
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