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The Five Best Bathrooms in Kansas City

With small spaces, design becomes more important than ever. Bathrooms are on the small end of the room spectrum in comparison to living rooms, dining rooms, or family rooms so we've got to pack the action in. Not to mention, make everything water resistant, find storage for all your hair products, and come up with a fun way to look at yourself.

5. Number Five on our list is an adorable farmhouse bathroom. With bird cages transformed into light fixtures, a hand stained vanity with pops of colors, and a wooden rope ladder for storage, this one has unmistakable charm. This one was given the Houzz award for the top 50 bathrooms in the nation in 2018 and we know why.

4. Our fourth best bathroom in Kansas City is a real hipster modern treasure. In a waldo Airbnb "Modern Bohemian", this room has all the fun. Built into an attic, every inch of space was needed to make this space a reality. The antique bronze finishes bring the vintage factor into the equation. Being able to see through the custom vanity means the space looks much bigger, but having all those cubes means never running out of space for all of our makeup & decor.

3. Our third choice is a natural...Natural wall that is. With outdoor posts as the "vanity lights" and a 12 foot high vaulted marble shower with his and hers shower heads, this one makes us feel like we might as well be outside in nature flaunting all our goodies to the neighbors. The 7 foot glass shower doors make the space feel so large

2. Number 2 is a simple love. With giant wooden beams being used around the shower, the space becomes a rustic getaway instantly. With the multiple lights on each side of the mirror, makeup is no match. Heck, runway models might as well start getting their makeup & hair prepped here.

1 . We've been waiting for this One. With a long and narrow space to utilize for a bathroom, the shower/bath combo is absolutely dreamy. Niches on each side of the tub create plenty of storage for even the best of the bath bomb hoarders.

And can we talk about the green flower tiles for just a second? What an unexpected fun. When you first consider green flowers, it might seem too feminine but after seeing it on the walls, most people say that's one of their favorite things about the bathroom and we don't disagree. With these modern southwestern vibes, we are in love.

The simple wooden vanity packs such a punch as far as design goes. Definitely a simple and beautiful upgrade from the traditional box of a vanity.

There you have it. Our top five favorite bathrooms in Kansas City. Unique. Creative. Fresh.

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