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  • Brittany Harrington

This Thanksgiving, Thank yourself by Building a New Bathroom!

So you wake up and start the daily wrestling match over the only bathroom upstairs. Well not today! Today, you're going to utilize the spare space you have in that weird unused storage area and get started on building a new bathroom. You can smell the tranquility from a mile away.

You're going to want to start your adventure with a drawing. Nothing too crazy. Quickly take the critical measurements and map out your space. Hint* If you create your drawings to scale, you're going to thank yourself later. Trying to decipher if a vanity will look good in a proportionally lopsided room is not usually a battle you'll walk away from as the victor.

Step 1. Floor Plans of Existing Sunroom

Step 2. It's time to visualize what you want in the space. Check out the set of plans below that were created to show the shower, vanity, and toilet locations. In a very squeezed space, you can now see that it's vital to always have your dimensions calibrated correctly. It's rare to find a city code that will allow for layout errors or a vanity that can be modified easily if accuracy isn't your friend.

Dimensioned Drawings of your New Bathroom

For example, this rarely used sunroom has tons of natural light pouring in from the windows. Why not capture that natural light and use it for those days when makeup is necessary to apply? In this instance, we wanted to take advantage of the abundance of windows (that happened to be where we wanted to place the shower) and build a watertight framing around the bottom portion of glass for the sake of longevity.

The Start of the (Tile) Setting

And here you have it! The beginning of the build. The bottom half of the windows had a plywood wall built over the inside to be able to bridge over them with tile so the shower walls could seem seamless and the neighbors don't get a free view of your privates while you're showering.


Tile is up and grouted. Just a couple steps away from completing this reno. Those steps include drywall finishing, painting, and then finally...THE FIXTURES! Stay tuned for the grand finale of the Master Bathroom Addition that will reduce family feuds by at least 50%.

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